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A successful biologist’s main interest area would be _____. a. the arts b. scientific c. business d. social

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 12, 2018

A successful biologist's main interest area would be "scientific".Biology is the research of living beings. It is the research of life, in reality. "Bio" means life and "logy" refers to the research of something. Biologists study the species and living beings, animals and plants, and bodies, and everything else on the planet that is alive at different levels. A couple of scientists taking a look at the particles inside the ways of life, and some examination of the cells that are fundamental in the construction of places of all that is living. Some take a look at the bodies and frames. Some take a look at how all the people of the ability, and something to take a look at how the set of biological communities work. The science is polished in all the extraordinary levels.

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