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A store is offering a 25% discount on all items. Also, employees get a 10% employee discount. If you are an employee which discount would you want to be applied first to save the most money?. . . . . A. Not enough information is given . . . B. 10% . . . C. 25% . . . D. It doesn’t matter which discount is applied first, the result is the same.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

1 answer

Carlton Burgess on May 27, 2018

Let x be the original price of an item. For the first case, the employee takes advantage of the 25% of the 10%. Price: (0.75 x)(0.90) = 0.675 xFor the second case, the 10% discount is valid first and then the 25%. Price: (0.90 x)(0.75) = 0.675 xThus, whatever the case, the price would be the same. The answer is the letter D.

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