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A rocket on a computer screen has a path modeled by the equation h=-t2+3t+10 where t is time in seconds and h is the height above a platform and is in computer units. Find how long the rocket takes to reach the platform. A - 2 seconds B - 10 seconds C - 12 seconds D - 5 seconds

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on January 16, 2018

When the rocket reaches the platform, then h must be equal to 0 h=0Calculating for t using the equation:h=-t^2+3t+10 0 = -t^2+3t+10 reverse sides: t^2 -3t -10 = 0 By completing the squares or factoring, we can obtain the roots: (t-5)(t+2) =0 t=5 and t=-2 Since time cannot be negative, therefore: t = 5 seconds the Answer is D.

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