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A rifle with a barrel length of 60 cm fires a 10 g bullet with a horizontal speed of 400 m/s. The bullet strikes a block of wood and penetrates to a depth of 12 cm. . a. what resistive force (assumed to be constant) does the wood exert on the bullet? . b. How long does it take the bullet to come to rest? . c. Draw a velocity verses time graph for the bullet in the wood.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on November 9, 2018

vignette of the change in the kinetic energy= The work done by the force of resistance "F" -Fx = 0 - (1/2)mv^2 F(.12) = (1/2)(.01)(160000) F = 6666.7 N change at the moment; - (6666.7)t = 0 - (.01)(400) t = .0006 s the bullets of the acceleration is a = F/m = - 666667 m/s2 in order to draw the graph; v = 400 - (666667)thope this helps

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