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A restaurant chain’s owners are trying to decide if they want to open up a franchise in your town. To help them decide, they want to find out how often people in your town go out to eat. A researcher interviews people leaving a local restaurant. Is there a bias in this sampling method? Explain. (

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Roger Moore on May 14, 2018

Yes. There is a bias in this sampling method.Let's break down the question.The chain of restaurants: a place to buy FOODfranchise in his city: the PLACE in which you want to open a restaurantwant to find out how often people in your town, go out to eat: the questiona investigator: type of interview peopleinterviews people who come out of a local restaurant: NON-random people interviewedthe problem here is that people want to open a RESTAURANT. And if you interview people out of a RESTAURANT, there is a bias, because people only ate there. Homeowners should interview people at random in the city.

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