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A relief sculpture is __________________ a. a three-dimensional form of art that is meant to be seen from all sides. b. a sculpture that has a relationship with its surrounding and religious significance. c. a type of sculpture that contains objects embedded in a ground surface. d. a form of site specific work, which is designed to affect the way a space is experienced.

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on October 6, 2018

Option correct answer is :C) A type of sculpture that contains embedded objects on the surface of the soil.Explanation:the Relief of the sculptural method where the carved parts remain connected to a stable frame of a same element. The term relief is from the Latin verb relievo, to climb. To form a sculpture in relief is to give the idea that the sculptured element has been raised beyond the last plane.The procedure includes an important chiseled from his past, which is a time-consuming task.

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