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A _______________ region is defined by common human property, such as the presence of people who share a particular language, religion, nationality, political identity, or culture; or by a common physical property, such as the presence of a particular type of climate, landform, or vegetation. A. perceptual. B. formal. C. functional. D. none of the above

Chelsea Hayes

in Geography

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1 answer

Brandon Scott on August 30, 2018

The correct answer is D. none of the above.The region that is described in the statement is a vernacular language of the region. This type of regions do not have official boundaries created by the administrative forces, but instead of that, these regions have a population that shares one or more common traits, ethnic, religious, cultural, physical, trait, and therefore have something unique in your population that is only common in the same and different from that which the population of the other populations.

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