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A radioactive nuclide has 53 protons and 78 neutrons. Which is the symbol of this nuclide?

Deborah Edwards

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on November 7, 2018

Answer: = Symbol IExplanation:Isotopes are substances that have same atomic number (number of protons) and different mass (Number of protons + number of neutrons).The iodine also have many isotopes such as Iodine-125 which contains 53 protons, 72 neutrons.The iodine-128 that contains 53 protons, 75 neutrons.The iodine-129 that contains 53 protons, 76 neutrons.The iodine-131 contains 53 protons, 78 neutrons.Summary:Here, the Iodine-131 is the correct answer of this question.

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