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A push factor is best defined as something that causes people to leave their country. any legal restriction on immigration. any hardship immigrants face in a new country. something that draws people to a new country.

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on May 14, 2018

The correct answer is - something that causes people to leave their country.A push factor is a broad term, in the sense of what can be, as well, as a push factor for people to leave their country can be security issues, military action, economic reasons, political reasons, etc, All of these factors can "push" a person to leave their own country, migrate to another place, and try to start again in the new and more promising environment.Examples:- Push factor for the Syrians in the past few years is the war in your country.- Boost Factor for the countries of the Balkans people to migrate to Western Europe are the economic reasons.- Push Factor for the people of North Korea to treat and fled to South Korea or China is dictatorship in the country.

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