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A person or group dissatisfied with the decision of the Florida Supreme Court could appeal the case to their U.S. District Court could appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court has no recourse because each state's supreme court is a court of last resort has no recourse because each state's supreme court is an appeals court

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on August 25, 2018

The Supreme Court of FloridaThe highest Court in Florida is the Supreme Court, which is composed of seven Judges. At least five Justices must participate in every case and at least four must agree for a decision to be reached. The Court's official headquarters is the Supreme Court Building in Tallahassee.To be eligible for the position of judge, a person must be a registered voter who resides in Florida and must have been admitted to the practice of law in Florida for the past 10 years.For most of the history of Florida, all judges were chosen by direct election from the people. The only exception was when the vacancy was produced in a court between elections. In that case, the Governor appointed a replacement to serve until the next election took place.This election of appellate judges led to many problems. They had to raise campaign money, which often was donated by the same attorneys who practiced before the Court. In the mid-1970s, the problem became even more serious after several Florida appellate judges were charged with violations of ethics.In 1971, Governor Reubin Askew took the first step toward the reform of the system. That year he instituted a system called "merit selection." Under this system, the Governor referred to a vacancy on the Court to an impartial panel, which suggested names of possible appointees. The Governor then selects a name from the list. In 1974, Justice Ben F. Overton became the first Supreme Court Justice chosen by this method.Leaders knew, however, that a more complete change still was needed, because judges still faced periodic elections after appointment. The effort to do this was spearheaded by Governor Reubin Askew, Chief Justice Overton, and State of the Republic Talbot "Sandy" D Alemberte, among others.

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