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A nuclide of mc012-1.jpg absorbs a positron. Which is the resulting atom? mc012-2.jpg mc012-3.jpg mc012-4.jpg mc012-5.jpgAnswer is D

Amanda Johnson

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Timothy Norman on August 28, 2018

Answer : The correct answer is ⁶⁴ Zn₃₀.The tomography is ⁰e₊₁ of the particles . When it is absorbed, the atomic number increases by 1, but the atomic mass remains the same . The given nuclide is ⁶⁴ Cu₂₉ . In this atomic mass is 64, and the atomic number 29 . So when you absorb a positron, the atomic number is increased by 1, which is the atomic number = 30 . Since the atomic number = 30 is for the Zinc atom , so that when ⁶⁴ Cu₂₉ absorb a positron occurs ⁶⁴ Zn ₃₀ as resulting atom . The reaction can be written as: ⁶⁴ Cu₂₉ + ⁰e₊₁ → ⁶⁴ Zn ₃₀

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