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A mi madre ___ pasear en bicicleta. me encanta le encanta changed a ___ les interesa la historia. ellos nosotros changed a ustedes ___ viajar. ¡este año visitaron seis estados! les aburre les encanta changed ¿a ti te ___ los deportes? importa importan changed a daniela y a mí ___ fascina la literatura. les nos

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on June 29, 2018

1. My mother loves to walk, bike.This phrase means that - My mother loves to ride a bike. Here, you have to use the pronoun WE, because it is the pronoun of indirect object third person singular, that is he and she (and her). If you use I love, that would mean - I love it, and here you have to prove that your mom loves something.2. They are interested in the history.This phrase means that - They are interested in the story. Here, you have to use the pronoun THEY because the pronoun that follows it - I. Them refers to the third person plural, which in this case is one of THEM. Us means - we.3. You love to travel. This year visited six states!This phrase means - She loves to travel. This year he visited six countries! Here you have to use the phrase I LOVE because it means - I love you. Bores means the opposite, it would mean that they are bored, they clearly are not.4. You care about sports?This phrase means - Are you interested in sports? This is a bit difficult to explain - you have the use of the plural form of the verb (the most important, in place of matter) because the verb refers to the subject (sports), which is plural, instead of the subject (tu), which is singular.5. A Daniela and I am fascinated by the literature.This phrase means - Daniela and I am fascinated by the literature. Here, you have to use the pronoun WE, because it means - we. Given that we also include here (Daniela and I), you can not use the pronoun them refers to that, in place of us.

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