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A kosher diet is an example of a diet that is based on __________. A. morals and beliefs B. laws and illnesses C. health status and preferences D. wishes and medications

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on December 22, 2018

The answer is option "A" beliefs and morals".A diet kosher is an example of a diet that is based on "beliefs and morals".The Diet Kosher is a method of eating that claims Jewish dietary you decide that you were advanced in the Torah. The different standards of eating Kosher are sourced from religious, philosophical, clean, ceremonial or practical reasons. The Kosher Diet is not a weight reduction diet as such, however, its emphasis on vegetables, food, fish, and your absence of refined sugars, flours and fats of pig elements into the mix with his blessed respect of sustenance of the decisions can make a meal arrange for the backs will adhere to a good diet and a healthy relationship to food.

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