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A father is 4 times older than his son in 20 years he will be twice as old what age are they now?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 9, 2020

\n. \n. \n. Come on, son of the age "x". \n. Thus, the Father's present age is 4x. \n. Now, the question, after 20 years, fathers, age=4x+20 and son's age =x+20 and \n. two times, son,s, age= age of the father as well, \n. 2(x+20)=4x+20 \n. 2x+40=4x+20 \n. 2x=20 \n. x=10 \n. So, son's age is 10 years and the father's age is 4x or 40 years.

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