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A construction explosion has an intensity I of 1.25 x 10–4 W/m2. Find the loudness of the sound in decibels if W/m2. Round to the nearest tenth. A. 81 decibels B. 161 decibels C. 82.2 decibels D. 12.5 decibels

Daniel King

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on September 4, 2018

We can solve this problem through the use of the decibel formula that is expressed as:dB = 10 x log (Isig/Iref)where dB is decibels, Isig is the signal intensity and Iref is the intentsity of the softest sound that the human ear can hear has a value of 10^-12.We resolve in the following way:dB = 10 x log (1.25 x 10-4 / 10^-12 ) = 80.97 decibelsTherefore, the correct answer is option a, 81 decibels.

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