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A certain weak base has a Kb of 8.50 × 10-7. What concentration of this base will produce a pH of 10.38?

Cynthia Baker

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 9, 2018

It gives us a pH of 10.38*pH + pOH = 1410.38 + pOH = 14----> pOH = 3.62 pOH = -log [OH]----> [OH] = 2.3988x10^-4Set an I. C. E table by using the concentration of OH-found (y), and x is the unknown: [base] + H2O ------> [conjugate acid] + IHO x 0 0C -y +y +yE x-and y yGiven Kb, we can establish the equilibrium equation:K = K = we can substitute and of the concentration of OH, which we have found and K for Kb-value:Solve the equation algebraically for x. X = 6.8*10^-2 Hope that helps. If you need more clarification just let me know

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