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A candle in the shape of a circular cone has a base of radius r and a height of h that is the same length as the radius. which expresses the ratio of the volume of the candle to its surface area(including the base)? for cone, v=1/3pir^2h and sa=pir^2 pir sqrt r^2 h^2.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on August 23, 2018

the relationship between the volume of the candle, its surface area is R= (1/3)pir^2h / pir^2 sqrt (r^2 +h^2)=(1/3) (h / sqrt (r^2 +h^2)and since h=r, (of the same length), R= (1/3) (h / sqrt (r^2 +r^2)=(1/3)r / sqrt (2r^2 , sqrt (2r^2=rsqrt (2)the ratio is R=(1/3)sqrt (2)

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