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A 2300 kg truck has put its front bumper against the rear bumper of a 2500 kg suv to give it a push. with the engine at full power and good tires on good pavement, the maximum forward force on the truck is 18,000 n. you may want to review ( pages 145 - 146) . part a what is the maximum possible acceleration the truck can give the suv? express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

James Washington on May 10, 2018

From Newton's First Law, we can see that the acceleration it is simply the ratio of the Force on the mass. In this case, the mass is the sum of the the mass of each car, that is:mass = 2300 kg + 2500 kg = 4800 kg So the formula is:acceleration = Force / massacceleration = 18,000 N / 4800 kgacceleration = 3.75 m/s^2 In 2 significant figures:acceleration = 3.8 m/s^2

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