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9. The Palestinian Liberation Organization was created to A. establish a homeland for Palestinians on the land on which the state of Israel was created. B. unite all countries under one Pan-Arab state. C. raise a military alliance with other Arab countries. D. unite opposition to the state of Israel.

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

1 answer

Whitney Matthews on September 2, 2018

The correct answer is a - A. to establish a homeland for the Palestinians in the land in which the state of Israel was created.The Palestine Liberation Organization was created by the Palestinians, and its main objective was to drive the Israelis out of the country and establish a Palestinian state for the Palestinian people. The organization was acting through the use of military force, and mainly, it was the Israeli civilian population that suffered. It did come to a counter-attack by Israel and suffered much bigger than lost to the Israelis, and also could not achieve its objective.

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