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2.Traditional portraits often use which of the following? the choices are the following: Shallow depth of field. . Large depth of field. . Night mode. . Action mode. . . . 3.Which of the following is a setting where a group photograph might be taken? The choices are the following: Weddings. . Graduations. . Parties. . All of the above. . . 4.When photographing a person or pet who moves quickly, you may wish to use what setting?. . Portrait mode. . Landscape mode. . Macro mode. . Continuous shooting mode. . . . 5.A photograph that is taken without posing the person is called which of the following? The choices are the following: Abstract. . Candid. . Representat. . none of the above

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1 answer

Roger Moore on February 20, 2019

traditional portraitsdepicts shallow depth of field. Among the group of photographs taken are weddings, graduations, parties. These photographs are often not dealt with in front of the camera. the mode in which it is used, then, was the continuous shooting mode to portray its openness to the image.

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