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25. Compare the compositions of binary ionic and binary molecular compounds. 26. Write the general chemical formula for an acid, and discuss what each component of the formula represents.

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 4, 2018

Ionic binary compounds -- hold a metal cation and an anion made of a nonmetal anion. Example: calcium phosphate: Ca = 2+ (Group IIA) PO4 = 3- (phosphate) the lowest shared multiple of 2+ and 3 is 6. Must have 3 Ca2+ +6; you must have 2 PO43 - to make -6. The sum of the positive and negative charges, must be equivalent in a compound for the reason that they are electrically neutral. Ca3(PO4)2 -- calcium phosphate Binary molecular compounds -- have two or more non-metals fused by covalent attachment. There is No ion current for the reason that the atoms share electrons. Prefixes are used to designate the number of atoms of each type present. Example: SO2 -- sulfur dioxide in The global formula of an acid HX, where X is an anion. Binary acids cover H and a non-metal, and are named with the prefix "hydro" and the suffix "ic".

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