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2. What is the volume of the cone, rounded to the nearest cubic inch? (1 point) 72 in.³ 226 in.³ 905 in.³ 2,714 in.³ Download png

Roger Moore

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1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on November 11, 2018

We asked him to solve the volume of a cone and we know the formula for solving the volume is shown below:V = 1/3*pi*r2*h, where "r" for radio and "h" to the heightWe have the values given as:r= diameter/2 = 12/2r= 6 inchesh=6 inchesSolving for the volume:V= 1/3 *pi*62*6V=72pi in3The answer is the letter "a" 72pi inches3.

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