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1.which of the following CANNOT be copyrighted? A) books B) inventions C) videos D) music 2. which of the following does NOT qualify as intellectual property? A) a poem that you write B) a photo that you create C) a story that you wrote based on a book you read D) an idea that you came up with

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on September 18, 2018

1.) Physical inventions, such as the copyright does not cover is physical inventions. Things such as machines, pharmaceuticals, computer chips, and even plants , but to be honest there are gaps for some things, as in some of the videos or as , such as making it a parody and such, and will not be counted as copyright 2.)I think the same principle applies here, but that the majority of qualify is b and c, but that probably does not count as an intellectual property that comes with a story based on a book

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