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1.Voy a nadar en la piscina. Necesito . 2.Está lloviendo mucho. Necesito . 3.No puedo ver bien porque hace sol. Necesito . 4.Voy a correr por el parque. Necesito . 5.Queremos entrar en muchas tiendas diferentes. Vamos al . 6.No tengo dinero en la cartera. Voy a pagar con .

Brandon Scott

in Spanish

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on April 1, 2018

1. I'm going to swim in the pool. What I need to. 2. It is raining a lot. What I need to. 3. I can not see well because the Sun. What I need to. 4. I'm going to run through the Park. What I need to. 5. Want to get in many different shops. We are going to. 6. I don't have money in the wallet. I'm going to pay with.... I think that this is what I wanted. I really hope this helps!

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