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1988 Where can I find my selective service number not found in selective service system?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on July 30, 2019

That Selective Service document was so important, that the military still does not accept a volunteer enlisted without it. And all this during a time a draft of dodge and escape to Canada! The document should be considered almost as important as the discharge paper, in fact, some of the data is also (or used to be); as veterans are (or were) re-classified with a special code. Recommendation: if the government does not have, and does not have it, then send a letter stating that, then follow their instructions, keep a copy of the letter that you sent. You may have to re-register...but save a copy of the letter that was sent to them; because...if the original document does not appear, someone will want to know why you have TWO of these documents/numbers. Your copy of your letter will explain why.

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