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18. Which of the following was a criticism of laws designed to protect the environment? A. Too much regulation would attract illegal immigrants. B. Environmental laws didn't work lo clean the environment. C. Too much regulation would clean the water. D. Too much regulation could hurt businesses 19. The United States sent forces to what area of the world in the mid-19905 to stop ethnic cleansing? A. China B. The former Soviet Union C. The Middle East D. The former Yugoslavia Download png

Daniel King

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on September 26, 2018

I'm going to start with the second question - it is, definitely, Yugoslavia. Right now there is a talk about what Hilary Clinton did in Bosnia - it was during this time - this is just one way in which you can remember this. I was in most of the ethnic clensing of the Bosnians by the Serbs. Now, the first question. Let's see the options:A. the excess of regulation to attract the illegal immigrants.-no, there is no reason why that could attract immigrantsB. The environmental laws does not work as cleaning up the environment. -that's not true - that the majority of those who tend to do C. too much regulation would clean the water. yes, but that is a good thing! D. excessive regulation could be detrimental to companies -this is the correct answer. It is a genuine criticism that is often found.

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