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17. which is not common in the Spanish-speaking countries? A-eating lunch from noon to 2:00pm B-ordering pizza C-serving dinner after 5 pm D-having empanadas for lunch 18.when would you expect to find people eating paches in Guatemala ? A-Sundays B-Christmas C-breakfast D-Thursday's 19.which are made with rice? A-Asado B-tamales C-paella D-pollo 20.what is lechón A-a roast pig B-a rice dish C-a type of tamale D-a dessert

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Ralph Lopez on August 22, 2018

17."The order of pizza" is not common in Spanish-speaking countries. This Spanish adaptation of the pizza is especially famous in the Catalonia district of the nation. This specific pizza can be served either sweet or appetizing, and you will discover the adaptations that are open (the oven good base with side dishes) or closed (a hand pie-shaped cake with filling). Fixations vary, and may incorporate the egg, angle, vegetables, organic products, meat and cheddar cheese.18. You would expect to find people eat paches in Guatemala, in "Thursday".The Tamales are an old-fashioned American food, made throughout the continent for over 5000 years. In Guatemala alone, there must be 100 different types, if not more. a very extraordinary kind of tamale made with potato batter instead of corn. It is called pache (short) and is performed in each of the other in respect of an indistinguishable path of the tamales. In Guatemala, paches is sold, usually on a Thursday, I don't know why, and "ordinary" corn tamales are sold on Saturdays, despite the fact that in the possibility that you feel comfortable around any type of tamal any day you like. 19. "Paella" is made from rice.Paella is a Spanish dish that has to be set in an domain known as Valencia. Yellow saffron rice is one of the main elements of fixation, and joined with any mixture of fish, chicken, pork, and different types of herbs and flavors. The Paella is not padding, if you incorporate as an important aspect of a fit diet.The Pan has a tendency to be high in fat, however, this does not mean that it is a swelling of support. Pealla is a high carbohydrate food, due to the fullness of rice used. 20. sucker it is a "roast pork".Sucker in Spanish or Leitão in Portuguese, is a pork dish in a couple of locations in the world, in particular in the Bairrada, Portugal and Spain, and his previous provincial belonging to all over the world. Lechón is a Spanish word referring to a roast suckling pig. Lechón is a popular food in the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, in the North Sulawesi of Indonesia's territory, the other Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America and Spain. The dish includes a whole cooked pig, cooked to the coal. Also, it is the national dish of Puerto Rico.

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