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105 IQ score from 20 years old male?

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Roger Moore on July 25, 2018

IQ scores, at least in the Stanford-Binet model, use basescore 100 to indicate the average intelligence of a person in acertain age group. And the indicator 105 may indicatesyou that they are"smarter than most people", is in the normal range deviationrange. You would score from 111 to 119, even be considered"smart". Now, the Stanford-Binet actually consists of two parts: "verbalIQ" and "performance IQ." Verbal IQ is based in knowledgeof arithmetic, vocabulary, and ability to recall largepattern numbers. Performance IQ is based on the speed of patternrecognition and image to match. Some people scoreexceptionally high verbal IQ, but only averagescore in the performance test. You know your stuff" and consider themselves very smart by your colleagues, but if you can't quicklyapply his knowledge, as a rule, of little use. Just for reference, I have 138 in the verbal part and-99, performance, gives me an average of 118. . +++ . The problem with these typical intelligence test theyare very narrow, so that the response described above. Not showlearning ability or creativity - other, doctor-professiontells me a more realistic test, especially for adults include whatseem very off-beat questions. Such as "List of possible applications for anempty box." This question may seem simple, but isintended to clarify the ability of the entity, I think the side andcreatively. Try it, the question itself - may surpriseyou!

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