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105 IQ score a 13 year old boy?

Ralph Lopez

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1 answer

1 answer

James Washington on September 28, 2018

IQ is designed to be age-adjusted, so the age should be totallyirrelevant. The IQ score, adjusted for age, 100 with a standarddeviation of 15. So 105 is slightly above average: about 1 in 3boys 13 years, the rating is 105 or more. What is more important, however, is that the IQ score measures.A test is important because it is widely [my], and is used as anassessment tool, all that is measured is its ability to do IQtests. And it's not sour grapes-I have a measured IQ of 138(not really a genius, that out of 140) but that's because I amexceptionally good testers. My training as a mathematician, and my interest in languages let me very over myinherent intelligence. Furthermore, IQ tests take absolutely every expense of other skills, such as music or art, or physicalprowess. A world class musician probably performdisastrously in an IQ test.

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