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1. Who is the father of atomic theory? 2. Who discovered the electron? 3. Who expressed particles by wave equations? 4. Who researched on radioactivity? 5. Who discovered the "open spaces" model? 6. Who applied quantum theory to atoms? .-Rutherford, -Bohr, -Thomson, -Curie, -Dalton, -Schrödinger

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 10, 2018

Answer:the Father of the atomic theory?Dalton is the father of the atomic theory, who said that matter is made up of an indivisible component.The discovery of the electron by?J. J Thomson discovered the electron by conducting an experiment that contain negative charges.That expresses the particle of wave equations?Schrödinger expressed particles have a wave nature.Who investigated radioactivity?Madame Curie investigated radioactivity.Who discovered the "open spaces" model?Rutherford discovered the "open spaces" of the model.Who applied quantum theory to atoms? Bohr applied the quantum theory of the atom. I hope this helps.

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