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1. Which word best completes the sentence? _______chica es muy reservada. El La Ella Él 2. Which word best completes the sentence? Carolina es _______ amiga simpática. una ella un el 3. What type of islands are the Galápagos islands? continental barrier volcanic coral 4. Which of the following countries does not participate in the Pan American Games? Mexico Canada Germany Cuba 5. The 2015 Pan American Games take place in _______ Ecuador United States Peru Canada

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on February 3, 2018

1. The girl is very reserved. - The girl is very shy. You need to use it because the girl is a woman. The is used for men. She and they are pronouns, so can not be used here.2. Carolina is a friend of cute. - Carolina is a cute friend. Again, the same as in the previous sentence - a is used for girls. 3. The Galapagos Islands are of volcanic origin.4. Germany is the country that does not participate in the pan american Games, while Mexico, Canada and Cuba.5. The 2015 pan american Games, is from Canada.

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