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1. What length of time does the geologic time scale cover? a. 2.0 million years b. 4.6 billion years c. 20.5 billion years D. 10.1 million years 2. The largest expanse of time on the geologic time scale is the____. a. Eon b. Epoch c. Era d. Period 3. Which eon of the geologic time scale means "visible life"? a. Phanerozoic b. Proterozoic c. Hadean d. Archean

Nicholas Rivera

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on November 16, 2018

Answers1. b. 4.6 billion years2. a. Eon 3. a. Phanerozoic ExplanationQ1The length of time the geological time scale of the roof is 4.6 million yearsQ2The further extension of time in the geological time scale is the eon Q3Phanerozoic visible means of life.

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