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1. What is the bond angle between the hydrogen atoms in an ammonia (NH3) molecule? 2. What is the bond angle between the oxygen atoms in the carbon dioxide molecule? 3. What is the molecular geometry of a methane (CH4) molecule?

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Samantha Barber on February 18, 2018

The answer is 107 degrees. The geometric shape for the ammonia is Trigonal Pyramidal, but its electron geometry is "the Tetrahedron". This is because the ammonia has a lone pair of electrons that occupy your space like the other 3 hydrogen atoms on the geometric structure. The answer of 180 degrees. This is due to the linear geometric structure of carbon dioxide. The oxygen atom is on either side of the carbon atom, each one is bound by a double covalent bond. All of the atoms are involved in the contract and there is a pair of electrons. The answer is tetrahedral geometry. This is because all the 4 valence electrons of carbon are involved in a link with a hydrogen atom. The angles in a tetrahedral geometric arrangement, such as methane, is 109.5 degrees, where the hydrogen atoms are as far from one another, one to another, as possible .

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