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1) Wetlands help slow the process of erosion by trapping sediments. TRUE OR FALSE 2) Why are wetlands important to the health of the overall environment? a. They reduce the levels of erosion by trapping sediment. b. They support a wide variety of organisms. c. They are a medium for the filtration and cleansing of water. d. All of the above are true. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi Brooks

in Geography

1 answer

1 answer

Jessie Thompson on April 4, 2018

Thank you for posting your question here on brainly. I hope the answer will help you. Feel free to ask more questions here.For the fist question, I think that the statement "Wetlands help to slow the process of erosion, trapping the sediment." it's trueFor the second, d. All of the above are true.

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