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1. how would you say "they want the boots" a. quereis las botas b. quiere las botas c. queremos las botas d. quieren las botas 2. what is closest in meaning to "prefiero la gorra roja? a. you prefer the red cap b. i prefer the red cap c. i will preper thered cap d. she prefers the red cap 3. what or who is el cadejo? a. a peace pact b. a mythical dog c. a traditional story-teller d. a yearly feast 4. which of these is used to make special carpets in honduras? a. pupusas b. sawdust c. rubber d. fogaratas 5. Which one of these would you not see in copan? a. chariot b. ball field c. pyramid d. staircase

Mindee Nelson

in Spanish

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on January 6, 2019

In Spanish, saying: "They want the boots" is translated as " to want the boots. The meaning of prefierro the gora red in Spanish is "I prefer the red cap". The Cadejo is a white dog that is mythical. The sawdust is used to make rugs in Honduras. Finally, you will not see a car in Copan, as it is a Roman thing.

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