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1. Graph the function f(x) =x^2 +4x-12 on the coordinate plane (a) What are the x-intercepts? (b) What is the y-intercept? (c) What is the maximum or minimum value? for a i think they would be -6,0 and 2,0 for b i think it would be -2,-16 and 0,-12 i dont know for c am i right???

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Jeremy Wood on August 10, 2018

A)(x-2)(x+6)=0 x=2, x=-6, so that x-int (2,0) and(-6, 0), which are rightb) and int for the parable can be only onewhen x=0f(x) =0^2 +4*0-12=-12, and int (0, -12)c) parabola, because the x2 positive coefficientso is minimumvertex(-b/2a, f(-b/2a))-b/2a= -4/2*1=-2f(-2)=(-2)^2 +4(-2)-12=4-8-12=-16(-2, -16)

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