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1. Credit profile shows. a. only your credit history. b. your overall credit score. c. Many parts such as credit history, debts, and payment history. d. Only your current income, address, and personal information. 2. Your payment history is___ of the credit score. a. 15%. b. 30%. c. 35%. d. 10%. 3. If you are just building your payment history, how many points from a perfect score will you possibly miss. a. 280 points. b. 80 points. c. 240 points. d. 120 points.

Caroline Campbell

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1 answer

1 answer

Dana Keller on February 5, 2018

1. The correct answer is C. Credit profile is able to show a great payment history. Credit history , payment history and debts.Credit profile is where you can find what must be, all the claims made and the amount that you have paid.2. Correct answer is C. the 35%. The 35% of the score correct. This is the percentage that shows the credit score.3. The correct answer is A. 280 points.For a payment history to be known by the perfect score will be going to 280 points.

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