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08.05 Writing Assignment and Voice Activity—Listening to Spanish Music In this assignment you will listen to Spanish music or watch a movie or program in Spanish. Follow these paragraphs to complete this assignment.

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 22, 2018

Program in Spanish: "Love Divine" or "god is in your heart" Takes actors: Laura Esquivel, Manuel MasalvaInterview:-what is the project about?The love Divine is a juvenile series of 60 chapters that tells the story of "Divine", a street girl who takes care of the united nations group of young people abandoned with those who live in a house of a very poor neighborhood.-How did you feel working together as a team?We all got along very well, there is a beautiful friendship-For Laura, What Do you feel you after such a long time to return to be the protagonist of a programme of a musical comedy?-Do in their free time, they are accustomed to while you are not recording?-Do you have always had that voice or the have been developed?-What changes have you had in your life with is series?

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